<![CDATA[Die verschiedenen Seiten des Sascha.P - Trip to John Of God. A Confession (New Blog)]]>Thu, 17 Dec 2015 11:59:01 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Trip to John Of God. A confession]]>Thu, 17 Dec 2015 17:29:40 GMThttp://postphilosophie.weebly.com/trip-to-john-of-god-a-confession-new-blog/trip-to-john-of-god-a-confessionThis is the first entry into my New Blog. I am starting this because I feel something new is upcoming. My life hasn't been that fulfilling recently, I was feeling kind of stuck. Now I decided to make a trip to the well known Healing Medium João de Deus. People say that the healing starts once you've booked the tickets, but for me it's even earlier: It's when I made the decision to go that it started. That was two days ago. I felt very uplifted and spirited.
Part of my plan of going was to start some kind of crowdfunding because I could not afford the trip right now. I thought there would be people who'd like to contribute if I on the other hand take their pictures with me and let a distant healing be done. It's quite common to take pictures of people who cannot come there. I have my experiences with distant healing and have no doubts that it works. And somehow I also have very much faith for João de Deus respectively the "entities" around him. When a friend of mine was there earlier this year, he told me that he felt I had to go. Upon talking to him I decided to ask the healing entities for help. If distant healing works from there, why would it not also work the other way round? And it did. That was in spring or early summer, but I never contacted them again. I wasn't feeling very connected these days. And as you know, one forgets the important things in life easily.
Now, since two days - it was when I watched two documentaries about João de Deus - I feel the connection is there again and so, let's say, my trip has already started.
But I wanted to talk about the crowdfunding. I was writing a two page summary of my plan to give it to friends, family and others who I thought might want to contribute and themselves be in favor of a healing. Today I also thought I could ask some friends on Facebook. I didn't want to post it for everyone, because many people tend not be into this kind of thing, so I made a group conversation of around eighty people.That was already party of trip. The lesson had started. I got some very nice replies, but I also saw that many people quit the conversation quickly. That hurt me. And I realized that I had written my message asking for contribution and offering to take pictures with me not in a very good state of mind. My mind was already calculating things, in fact it was using all the people I know on Facebook who might be interested in these things to finance it's Ego-Trip. This is not moralistic self-condemnation. I just felt it suddenly.
It could see how much this Ego wants attention and approval and very eager to write things just to appear in a certain way, to be manipulative and so on. Not that I had not known that. But sometimes you feel the wrongness of this so very strongly, you just can't ignore it. So one thing I did was to change the rules of the game. Before I had offered some kind of an exchange: You give me money and I take the picture with me. That didn't feel quite right. So now I am offering both things separately from each other. It feels a bit better. But still, I think I will be learning a lot 'til the time of my trip. It has already begun. It makes me see things I don't want to see. That's wonderful. And it's fuckin' painful.]]>
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